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The biggest risk in business is not taking any risks. And, with N7 by your side, these will be educated choices. 

We’re able to put ourselves in your shoes – because we’ve experienced our own successes and struggles. Combining this with an outsider’s perspective and we have the ability to find opportunity in every challenge. 

Our values underpin our company culture. They are integral to everything we do:


We bring real-world experience to the table, allowing us to provide an honest and expert assessment of your needs. We’ve been in your shoes, so you can trust us.


At N7, we set our expectations against reality. With a realistic growth strategy in place, you’ll feel confident that we’re working alongside a plan that can actually be delivered. 


We respect the people we work with and focus on supporting, not undermining, what they’ve built to date. Our aim is to create a plan that everyone can get on board with.


We are risk takers, but rightly so. By focusing on the outcome and committing to the cause, we bring even the most ambitious goals within reach.


We know first-hand that life gets in the way of even the simplest plans. When something’s got to give, we’ll work with you to minimise the fallout for your business.


We’ve got as much skin in the game as you have. Coming from a family of risk-takers, we’ve been in your position and made the tough decisions needed to discover true potential. 


Martin knows the struggles of creating a successful team. He played an instrumental role in attracting a buyer for his previous business, and subsequently developing the company’s assets around the world. Martin draws on these experiences to uncover blind spots for clients and identify the opportunity within every challenge.


Ivy has the knowledge and expertise to help senior decision-makers fulfil their ambitions. Having worked her way up the ranks of a family-run business, through to director level and eventually a management buy-out, she has the commercial acumen needed to discover potential in any business or leader.

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